How to bet on football?

Over the last decades, betting on football has become easier than ever thanks to the internet. That said betting online is not the only way to be part of the fun. Let us go through the ways one may place a bet.

Betting Shops

For those that might still be resistant to change, one can still place bets on a football match by visiting a local betting shop. It could be a nice experience for some as it gives them the opportunity to meet others that are into football betting. For the most, it is an inconvenience having to visit a physical store to place a bet. Placing bets at a betting shop can limit flexibility, as placing bets is a bit of a manual process.

Online Betting

The other way to bet on football is that of placing bets through online bookmakers, sometimes known as online betting. This form of betting has grown in popularity over the last 10 years. A proof of this is the number of online bookmakers that have entered the market. Whilst initially various new brands had launched their online sportsbooks, over the years well-known offline brands such as William Hill and Ladbrokes followed. They did so as they acknowledged that more and more people are placing bets comfortably from their own devices. Betting online has various advantages with the main ones being flexibility, better odds and bonuses.

Bets may be placed anytime (24/7) from any device one owns. It is difficult to get more flexible than that. All one needs is an internet connection. Most online bookmakers provide dedicated apps for tablets and mobile devices to assure a top-notch experience on any device.

Placing bets online will also lead to better odds. With so many online bookmakers available, one can easily shop around and compare odds. Odds offered vary from one bookmaker to another, sometimes even more that you expect them to. It is recommended to identify 2 to 3 online bookmakers that offer high odds to create an account with each and place bets with the one that offers the best odds.

Another advantage of online betting is that of getting free bets (yes you read correctly). As more bookmakers are entering the online space, competition is fierce as ever. To get new customers onboard online bookmakers offer introductory bonuses for new players. These vary widely from small bonuses of £10 to bonuses that can go in the hundreds. In addition to such bonuses, every now and then, various online bookmakers make bonuses available to their current customers.

To conclude, whilst the old way to place a bet on football matches still has a certain nostalgic appeal, online betting is the way forward for those players that want flexibility and to maximize return from their bets.