How to win bets on football?

Football betting can be quite tricky at first, as it may be considered as easy money but actually, it is quite harder than expected to win bets. Below you may find our tips on how to win bets on football.

  1. Make sure you know football very well and know the league or competition you are betting on inside out. More importantly, you should know all the latest happenings of the football sides you will be placing bets on. For example, you should know the recent results of both team, players that may miss the match through injuries, suspensions and much more.
  2. Always keep in mind that no outcome is set in stone, surprises do happen in football. Honestly speaking that is an important ingredient, which makes football so popular across the globe. A clear example of this was Euro 2004, where no one was expecting Greece to win the tournament to win, but it actually happened.
  3. Shop around, yeah you read right. Nowadays with so many online bookmakers, it is easy to browse around and find the best odds for your bet. In doing so you will be able to maximize your winnings.
  4. Limit the number of selections. It may be tempting to place a bet on multiple selections but it is important to keep in mind that the more selections added the lower the chance of the bet being successful. Therefore the fewer selections the better, with three or four selections being the maximum.
  5. Consider all options before placing a bet. You might be keen on placing a bet on a specific match but not too sure on the outcome of the match. Go through all the available bets for that match and you may actually come across some bets that feel easier to get right. An example could be placing a bet on who may score in the match.
  6. Know the markets. If you are placing a bet, it is important that you know how that bet work bets. For example if you place a bet on a half time and full time outcome, you need to know that both outcomes need to take place to win the bet.
  7. Never bet with your heart. Such bets are normally far-fetched as the player bets on his team to do what he wishes rather than what he thinks might happen. Bookmakers love such bets as they result in big wins for them.
  8. Choose the right time to place a bet. Odds vary so it is important to monitor and place your bets when the odds are in your favour (ie. higher).
  9. Follow less popular leagues. Whilst following Swedish football might not be your cup of tea, following less renowned leagues allows you to place bets with higher odds and most times with a better chance of predicting the outcome.

If a winning formula existed, all bookmakers would close doors. That said, hope you found our tips helpful and that they will assist you with winning more bets.