Italian Serie A Odds

The latest Italian Serie A odds may be found below but before moving ahead why not learn more about the Italian Serie A. The Italian Serie A is known as Serie A TIM due to the long term sponsorship by the Italian mobile telephony company. The Italian Serie A is the top tier competition for professional Italian football. The Italian Serie A was officially formed in 1898. It’s format was restructured to a round-robin tournament in 1929.

Nowadays the Italian Serie A is made up by 20 teams. The top three sides enter the UEFA Champions League whilst the fourth and fifth sides enter the UEFA Europa League. On the other end of the table, the last three sides in the table get relegated. Over time sides based in the North of Italy have dominated the Italian Serie A. Juventus and AC Milan were the sides that won most domestically with Inter Milan being the next best. Capital city based sides, Lazio and Roma have also enjoyed limited success.