UEFA Euro 2016 Penalties Odds


Only 7 days left to the start of UEFA Euro 2016. Excitement is ramping up with football fans keen to follow a more expansive version of the European Championships. Whilst over the last days we covered bets on who will be challenging to win the title, today we’ll be discussing bets that relate to penalties. It will be interesting to see how many penalties will take place at UEFA Euro 2016 but more importantly it will be more interesting to see how many converted penalties will take place and how many missed penalties will happen. Bookmakers are providing very interesting odds on such bets. It is most common for bookmakers to allow punters to place bets on a under, exactly or over number of penalties that are converted or missed.

Bet365 provide such bets at really favourable odds. The current odds as we’re writing this article may be found below. For the latest odds please visit Pinnacle today!

UEFA Euro 2016 Penalty Odds


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